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Who says …

Being single means being deprived?  Who says you have to exist on fast food, frozen food and junk food?  Who says it’s a boo-hoo, I-don’t-have-a-mate-so-I’ll-eat-junk world?

Being single is an opportunity!

It’s freedom to explore, to try new things, to live your life by your own rules without compromise.  It’s sole control of the remote.  It’s being able to cook what you want, when you want it, not worrying that someone will say, “Uhh-are you cooking for me tonight?” It’s testing new recipes on your taste buds and having fun being creative in the kitchen, treating yourself like you would your closest loved one—who should be more loved by you than you?

Here at The Lonely Gourmet, we share delicious recipes, tips, tricks and stories about cooking for one.  We’re a community of all ages and circumstances, living single and eating well-at home.  You will find inexpensive, quick, healthy recipes that are easy to prepare for every day, decadent treats and fine dining to rival the best restaurant.


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